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What Can The NDIS Pay For?


Here is an excellent post from Sam Paior of The Growing Space in Adelaide, I do recommend following the Facebook page here. 


NDIS NUTS & BOLTS #2 – What Can the NDIS Pay For?


NDIS can provide funds for an eligible person with disability to buy a wide range of supports and services. There is a whole lot of information on the NDIS website, and you can even look at a Price List, but I’d rather give you an idea of the *actual* stuff they fund.

The NDIS will help with support they decide is “reasonable and necessary” under the legislation. As the NDIS is so new, they are still figuring out what is “reasonable and necessary”, and how that looks for each person with an NDIS plan is different.

What the NDIS doesn’t help fund is your mortgage or rent, your clothes, food, water bill, school fees, Star Wars mini-figure collection, dinner out, a beer or other things you would pay for yourself if you didn’t have a disability.

Here are some examples of what the NDIS might fund – but remember, EVERY person is different, and just because someone else gets something, doesn’t mean you will get it too – everyone has different goals and circumstances.

Money for:
• Support workers to help you with day to day stuff – like getting out of bed, showering, meal prep, eating, and household jobs etc. as well as to help you get out and about – shopping, going out with friends, being part of a club etc.

• Specialist disability accommodation

• Therapy to help you build skills and maintain your current functioning, health and well-being.

• Equipment you need, like a specialised bed, wheelchair, communication device, specialised software, braille watch, flashing smoke detectors, sensory equipment and changes to your home like ramps, rails, appropriate flooring or hoists, etc.

• Things you need to use frequently because of your disability: interpreting/translating, feeding equipment, bed pads, incontinence aids, wipes etc.

• Help to get around where your disability prevents you using public transport, or help to get a license or car modifications.

• Help to be involved in your community – social skills, behaviour support and peer support.

• Help to access further education, find and keep a job or build your own business.

• Help for your family or friends that care for you to be able to keep caring for you – like training about your needs, or time apart.

• Help to use your NDIS plan funds so you have choice and control over the help you get.

This is just a very short description of the NDIS, and is the second in a series of Q&As about the NDIS from The Growing Space.

Information in the Nuts & Bolts information series is current when published, but can be out of date very quickly. Don’t make any big decisions based on what you read here – always check!

You are welcome to share this information, but only with credit, and no edits, please. Thanks!

Sam Paior – The Growing Space copyright 2016

This post first appeared on The Growing Space Facebook page here.



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