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leaving school and leading your own life

Get Ready” Ten Top Tips

The first thing we would recommend you do right now is to go to a fantastic website called Get Ready For Study And Work. 

This website has been developed by the National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program. The NDCO Program works strategically to assist people with disability access and participate in tertiary education and subsequent employment.

This website provides information on study and employment options for young people with disability. It also has some great resources including facts sheets, practical tips, and workbooks to assist transition.

Although not autism-specific, it is a very good starting point when you begin to plan for their life after school.

By the way, your son or daughter does not  have to be intending to study or work for this to be the first thing to look at.

On this website, you can download a useful summary for preparing to leave school. It’s called Get Ready Top Tips.

Get Ready

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