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If your son or daughter is still at school, then the thought of them one day moving out of the family home may seem very, very remote.

You might not even be able to imagine yourself wanting them to live away from you. But then again, maybe you can!

Whatever the situation, we’ve put here some pointers for the future so that you know what sort of options there are for your young person to live away from the family home.

The harsh reality is that currently there are few options and very long waiting lists generally.  It’s always good to start to plan well in advance.


Housing Options – NDIS Changes

As individualised funding becomes the norm, there are likely to be more innovative solutions to the crisis in accommodation for people with disabilities.

This ABC News story shows one such idea, where three families have come together to create a share house in Sydney for their adult sons with ASD. 


NDIS funding can be pooled to create this sort of shared supported housing solution.  Read this article in the Age about three young women who have pooled their NDIS funding to live in a share house, with support.

We will continue to add more stories from the NDIS changes as we find them.


Housing Options NSW

The NSW Government’s Department of Aging, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) has a website page which lists some housing options, with information and advice on applying.

ADHC – Somewhere to live 

ADHC also funds Individual Accommodation Support Package (IASP) Funding .

Individual Accommodation Support Package Guidelines are here.

IASP funding can also be used to support your young person to continue to live int he family home. Contact your ADHC support worker to ask more about this.


NSW ADHC Independent Living Skills Initiative

 NSW’s Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care has a Independent Living Skills Initiative which helps young people gain the skills to be able to live independently. 

Website here.

There are several videos about ILSI, check them out here.

This Independent Living Skills TRAINING VIDEO is from Down Syndrome NSW on Vimeo.


Supported Living

A great place to start when thinking about living independently is the website Supported Living.

Check out these pages:

Examples of supported living

Good supported living means

A home is….

What is supported living?


Finding Supportive Housemates

This webpage from the In Charge website gives ideas on finding good housemates.


Renting A Home

If your son or daughter plans to rent their own home, they may need your support to make the transition from home.

There is a series of videos by the NSW Office of Fair Trading which explains all you need to know about renting.  

These videos are abut rights and responsibilities and have been produced for new migrants and are a great introduction to all you need to know about renting.

We’ve linked to these videos on the Young people Housing page.

These videos are presented in many languages. You can find a list of the languages and videos on this Fair Trading webpage.


Centrelink Rent Assistance

Rent Assistance can be paid to eligible people. If you claim Disability Support Pension or another pension, or are on a low income you may be eligible.

You can find out more on the Human Services website here. 


Private Rental Assistance

There is some Private Rental Assistance available from the NSW Government via Family and Community Sevices, read more here.

Links to information about rental assistance across Australia can be found here.

Social Housing

Social Housing means houses rented out by the NSW Government and by community-based Housing Associations. The waiting lists for these sorts of affordable rental units and homes are very, very long. 

There is a central application process which can be found here:

Housing Pathways 

Housing NSW website


 NSW Home and Community Care services

Some supports are available to people with a disability living in their own home through HACC.

HACC webpage here


What other families have done

The Dream House 

This 2014 ABC documentary about three young people with an intellectual disability sharing a home together in Perth.

Dream House website here


Benambra Intentional Community

Benambra is a public housing development in Canberra, built around needs of three young people with disabilities.   

Sally Richards and Tim West, the mother and brother of one of the residents, Jackson, have written a book about the creation of Benambra.

Benambra website here