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Personal hygiene



Some young people with autism will still be learning to manage their own hygiene requirements during the transition from school period.

Learning in this area can continue well into adulthood.

Encouraging independence in managing these kinds of everyday skills is still of great importance. It will also help your son or daughter to feel more confident.

For some young people, simply providing them with a few essential tips is enough.  

There is a great webpage that we have referred to in the Young people section – you can have a look at it by clicking the Young people tab.

You may feel that your son or daughter will need more support and teaching to develop good hygiene practices.

This PDF from the South Australian government outlines some practical ideas for teaching good hygiene practices to young people with higher support needs.

Another great resource for those with very high support needs is a book titled “Taking Care of Myself” by Mary Wrobel.

This book utilises simple language, illustrations and social scripts and covers areas such as hygiene, health, modesty, menstruation, touching and personal safety and masturbation.  

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The Raising Children website also has some useful information here:

Personal hygiene for teens with autism