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Family advocacy


In this era of self-directed funding and person centered planning, it is vital that families are skilled up to know their rights. They also need to be able to strong advocate for their family members.

In Australia, governments are helping to support families by providing information and training. Family members are viewed as crucial members of the decision making processes.


Advocating For Your Family Member

You may already be very used to doing this. You may have had assistance in the past or perhaps wished you had had some assistance.

If you feel you need help with advocating for your family member then contact the organisations listed below who can help.


When Might You Need To Advocate For Your Child

  • Dealing with health professionals
  • Working with service providers
  • Accessing hobbies and sports
  • If there is contact with the law

 If your son or daughter is capable, you should also encourage and help them to advocate for themselves. See our page on self-advocacy.

Aspect Practice PDF

Aspect Practice has an excellent article with an overview of the skills we parents need to advocate for our young people.  This is a good place to start.


The National Disability Advocacy Program

There is now a website which lists all disability advocacy services.


Resourcing Families Website

Resourcing Families is a very comprehensive website which has been created to help families gain the confidence, skills and experience to help their family member. The goal for the young person is that they can live a good life and make as many choices for themselves as possible.

This website has stories, video, facts sheets and articles which will help you to know what sorts of supports can assist your family members.

Resourcing Families also organises workshops for families.


Family Advocacy

Family Advocacy is an organisation which works throughout NSW with families of children or adults who have a developmental disability.

Family Advocacy has a comprehensive website which is a terrific resource guide in itself.

Family Advocacy also runs all sorts of courses to help skill up families to be strong advocates and to help effect positive social change.


Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association

MDAA provides training, individual advocacy help and family advocacy help.  You can call on the toll free number 1800 629 072 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm or find information on their website.

MDAA is the peak body for people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)/non-English speaking backgrounds with disability and for their families and carers in NSW.


Ethnic Community Services Co-operative Program – NSW

The ECSC’s Ethnic People with Disability Program can assist with advocacy on behalf of CALD people with a disability. See ECSC webpage here.


Advocacy For Inclusion – ACT

Advocacy for Inclusion website has information about this Canberra-based group. It runs meetings and training with themes of both advocacy for families and self-advocacy.