Autism Spectrum


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Is your daughter or son comfortable disclosing to others that they are on the autism spectrum?

In many families this will not be an issue, everyone who your family works with or comes across will be aware of your child’s diagnosis.

For others, there can be times where the young person would rather not disclose. As parents you may or may not agree with their opinion and decision.


Telling your autistic kid that they are autistic isn’t enough.


You also have to talk to them about disability.


From a thought-provoking article for parents on the website Real Social Skills, read here.


On our Young people page, we have directed readers to a terrific website which lays out all the issues around disclosure. 

As parents it’s probably a good idea to also read that website and have a good think about when disclosure is appropriate and when it is not. Click the green Young people tab to read more.

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