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Working at McDonalds at 15 years old


My son’s careers teacher at school put us in touch with a Disability Employment Service. We met the case worker who said that work in fast food was the only realistic option for part-time work. My son was happy with that.


He had an interview at McDonalds, and was offered a job.  He has been working there for two years now, usually 8 – 10 hours a week.


It was a huge relief to me not to have to be in charge of helping my son find work. It was definitely a job for a professional!


I still do have to support him a little. Like when he has a shift in a time that he can’t do, my son isn’t confident to call up to talk to the manager so I still make phone calls like that for him.  


And he sometimes needs a hand in knowing how to phrase things when he is using the Facebook groups for the employees, for example if someone is looking for another person to cover a shift and he would like to do it.

He’s been working here for almost three years now and it’s been good for him. Good for us too as he earns his own money so we don’t give him pocket money any more.

Seana S.