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Work is for EVERYBODY

Don’t feel that work is only for the more able people on the spectrum. Many people with high support needs get a lot out of supported work, and out of volunteering. Work can be for everybody.



Worries as the new stage looms

I think this is one of the biggest fears for families, will my child ever find a job that means something to them?


If my son was happy and fulfilled in a job, I really wouldn’t care what it was.


It just seems a really long road to getting there… and I’ve heard too many sad stories.


For me as a mum, I guess I need to do what we’ve always done as my son has grown older, in all the new situations:


1. Find the people who can help

2. Choose the helpers wisely, they need to be people who will empower him

3. Be very patient and take things one day at a time

4. Work in tiny steps towards increasing independence


Seana S


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