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Open employment


Open employment means doing a job which can be done by any person. Workers do the same job as their co-workers and are paid the same wages.

Unfortunately, research to date tells us that the proportion of young people with autism in open employment is very low, even in comparison to young people with other disabilities.

However, recent research is beginning to identify predictors of positive outcomes in terms of employment and this will assist in developing programs and strategies that can be beneficial.

As parents, it is very important to be proactive in your child’s life at this time of transition. Help them to develop realistic plans for gaining vocational skills.

We have a vast amount of resources for young people who are looking for open employment, there are many supports available.

You can also read these, and probably can refer to them over the coming years. See them over on our Open Employment – Young people page.

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Click below to see one of the more positive videos we found about employment of young people. We found it via the Ambitious About Autism website from the UK.