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Career Advice


Like all other young people, our kids need career advice. There are several places that can help with this. 


‘I really don’t know what my son can do, but it would be so good if he could have work based around his passions.


He knows everything about rock music and about soccer, especially the English Premier League.


Surely there’s going to be a career in there somewhere??!!

Seana S.

A great place to start is the Get Ready For Study and Work website which has a Career Advice page here.


get ready career advice


If you haven’t already downloaded the Get Ready Top Tips parent guide already, do so here.

The Federal Government’s Job Guide gives descriptions of hundreds of different types of jobs and is a good place to browse.


Another great source of information is the Generation Success website section on career planning. Here you will find some career quizzes that will help your son or daughter decide what kinds of jobs may be right for them.

You will also find links to videos that show you a day in the life of a range of professions.

The Youth Central website also has some terrific advice on career planning. 

 Click on Our Stories on the right hand side of the page or click here for personal stories about getting career advice.

My Way Employability website

The My Way Employability website, developed by the Autism CRC, is a great resource to help young autistic people  identify  their  strengths, interests and work preferences, discover career matches, and track their progress on set goals towards their career journey. 

Aspect Capable

Aspect Capable, part of Autism Spectrum Australia, is the only autism-specific service for individuals and employers in NSW.

Aspect Capable offers specialist advice, training and support. This is a private service, not part of the Disability Employment Service. Aspect Capable can help with career choice and job mentoring.

Read more on Aspect Capable here.


Other places to find careers advice

  • Careers adviser at school
  • Staff at post school programs or disability employment services



The JobTips website has a large section on choosing careers, starting with questionnaires to help determine interests. There’s also a section on environmental demands, which can very much impact workers with autism spectrum.