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The Thriving At Work Program from Professor Tony Atwood

If you are an employer looking for support when you employ a person with Asperger’s syndrome (ASD level 1) or a young person preparing to enter the workforce, Prof Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett have created a program to help.


Thriving At Work For Transition Support

Thriving at Work©  is an employment readiness and support program which is delivered online. The Employee training program can be done in a group setting with an accredited facilitator or it can be done entirely online by individuals.

Thriving At Work has been designed to be used whilst employees transition into a new workplace. People on the spectrum can also use Thriving At Work as a way of preparing to seek employment, it will give people a deep understanding of the positive aspects they can offer in the workplace, as well as of their individual support needs.

There are also training modules for employers so that managers and mentors can understand their employees and assist them to bring their unique strengths into the workplace.

Individuals can purchase the program from Hearts and Minds separately:

  1. Online self help course with videos, audio and workbooks
  2. Online course as above plus two Skype sessions with a psychologist from Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds also runs workshops which teach psychologists, HR staff and managers to conduct the Thriving At Work program with employees who have Asperger’s syndrome.





Thriving At Work At Specialisterne

The Thriving At Work program is used by Specialisterne to assist people who have found work through their employment programs. 

Jay Hobbs is the Assessment & Support Manager at Specialisterne and has been working with Prof Tony Atwood and  Dr Michelle Garnett to refine the program, which is used in a group setting at Specialisterne. 

He says: ‘An important part of Thriving at Work is an element designed to teach employers, managers and colleagues about autism and individual difference. This part of the program is important as it helps develop understanding and a focus on individual strengths.’


You can enquire about the Thriving At Work program at the Hearts and Minds website page here or call Hearts and Minds on 07 3844 9466.

Read more about Specialisterne on this article and find the Specialisterne website here.






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