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The Dandelion Program – Specialisterne Australia

Specialisterne is a company, founded in Denmark, which works with companies and organisations to find and train people with autism for very specific roles.

The Australian arm was set up in 2015 with the aim of enabling 12,000 careers for people on the autism spectrum by 2025. That’s a great goal!

Specialisterne helps employers to understand the unique abilities of people with autism, and how to foster successful employment.

The Dandelion Program is the first cab off the rank, a collaboration between the Australian Government’s Department of Human Services, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Australia and Specialisterne Australia. 

The Specialisterne Australia website explains more. 

If you are a person with autism who is looking for work, Specialisterne would like to hear from you. Here’s the website page to check out.



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