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TAFE NSW employs Teacher/Consultants for Students with Disabilities who can assist students from the time they start to look at course options.

Assistance can be given with selecting and enrolling in courses and with making adjustments as needed.  Some tutorial support may be offered too.

If your son or daughter is doing a Transition To School or Community Participation program, their support workers can offer advice and assistance choosing courses.

There are ten separate institutes which make up TAFE NSW. Get in touch with your local TAFE for more information.

It is a really good idea to get as much information about the courses that your son or daughter is interested in so that they choose a course that is best suited to them.

‘Talk to the head teacher of the course you are looking at. Find out what sort of a mix of students will be in the class. For example, we were looking at a Business course and the teacher let us know that the full time course had lots of school leavers attending, whereas the part time course had mainly middle aged women attending. So the full time one seemed better.


You can ask to see the detailed subject lists. And we were told that even the full time course can have some flexibility.


Also it is really really important that you do let your TAFE know if you have a diagnosed disability and then chat through any issues you may have. How can they help if they don’t know the full story?’


Vicki G


TAFE can be a terrific option for our kids, and many will go on to study at TAFE after school.  

Links to your local Institute’s Disability Support Services page can be found via the main TAFE NSW Disability page here.

A student with a disability may be exempt from paying TAFE fees for one course per year.  Details are here, scroll down to ‘Fee exemptions.’

Get Ready For Study and Work also has a good introduction to studying at TAFE here. 

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Study TAFE Courses Online

TAFE courses can be studied online through Open Training and Education Network  OTEN.