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Getting started at TAFE

Harry is now half way through his first semester of an accounts course at TAFE. He is settling in now, but it has been a bit of a rocky start and lessons have been learned.


For those who might be considering a vocational course after school here are my top tips:

    • Meet with the Teacher/Consultant for students with disabilities as early as possible. There are a huge range of courses at TAFE. They will be able to look at the possible course options and narrow down your selections. They will also be able to advise about possible supports that you can be offered.


    • Make contact with the Head Teacher of courses that you are interested in. The Teacher Consultant will be able to provide their email addresses. You can ask for a copy of the course outline to see just what the course will cover. You can ask about the types of students who enrol in the course. For example, one of the courses my son was interested in tended to attract middle aged women in the part-time format but had more school leavers in the full time format. Full time seemed to be a better fit for this reason, but we were able to organise for Harry to take a half-time load within the full time class group. A good compromise.


  • Your post school program provider can liaise with TAFE teachers if any further assistance is required. When Harry was struggling with exams, his post school program provider was able to organise tutoring by someone recommended by the Head Teacher.

    Vicki G


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