Autism Spectrum


leaving school and leading your own life

Private and Community Colleges 


There are many further education establishments offering a very wide variety of training courses.

These range from basic study skills courses to degree courses and may range from a course of just a few hours to three or four years.

You might have studied a short course yourself, just to learn something new. Your son or daughter might like to do the same. It doesn’t always have to be about skills for the workplace.

Whilst TAFE and universities will offer dedicated disability support, smaller colleges may not. However they do have a legal responsibility to make reasonable adjustments for people with a disability.

For more information, read this excellent fact sheet about support when undergoing further training.


Finding A Course

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET)  lists the private providers of education and training.

My Skills is an Australian Government website which allows users to search for courses in their local area.

Here is another list of NSW community colleges.