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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is being slowly rolled out across Australia. 

The main NDIS website is here.

A clear explanation of the NDIS is on this Fighting Chance site .

Below is a video which is a general introduction to the NDIS.

NB DisabilityCare Australia and NDIS are terms which are being used interchangibly at the moment.

By the end of 2019, the NDIS should be in place across the entire country.

You can find out which areas are currently already operating by looking at this page on the NDIS website:

NDIS – Our Sites


Heather, a mother of two young men with autism, explains how the National Disability Insurance Scheme is assisting her family. (She refers to it as NDIA however, it is usually referred to as NDIS.)


If your area is already covered by the NDIS, you will find that it has taken over from the state government supports such as Transition To Work and Community Participation in NSW.

However the federally funded employment services such as Disability Employment Service will still operate as they do currently.

We will update this page as changes occur with the NDIS.



My Choice Matters

The My Choice Matters website was created to foster independence and self-advocacy amongst people using the NDIS.

The program includes workshops and has a very extensive set of resources on its website.

Run by the NSW Consumer Development Fund, My Choice Matters has a multitude of resources:

  • workshops, online learning, videos, all directed towards building skills to lead your life your way
  • leadership development programs to promote skills for both leading your own life and becoming a community leader
  • grants of us to $5000 for projects which encourage people to increase their choice, control and to have a voice
  • story sharing and information sources

The My Choice Matters Facebook page has great examples of people empowering themselves.

My Choice Matters website is here.



autism my learning matters

My Learning Matters

My Learning Matters is an online tool built by My Choice Matters to help you people to get the most out of the changing disability support system.

You need to register and login but then you will have access to over 60 resources all about making your life the best it can be. You will get resources about the following topics;

  • A Good Life and Needs and Dreams
  • A Good Life and Feeling Valued
  • A Good Life and Funding
  • Choice
  • Speaking Up and Rights
  • Home
  • Managing a Personal Budget
  • Choosing a Service Provider
  • Choosing Staff
  • Community Connections
  • Trying New Things
  • Making Friends
  • Book About Me
  • Circle of Support
  • Goals
  • Work


NDIS Rights


You can find factsheets about your rights under NDIS here:

NDIS Rights website

NDIS Your Rights Fact Sheets in Easy English