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The Pros and Cons of Facebook Friendships

My son uses Facebook a lot and often gets into difficulties. Luckily he’s in the habit of coming to me for advice.


He’ll rush downstairs saying; ‘We’ve got a situation, Mum.’


Generally he hasn’t understood that people’s teasing is just what teenage boys call ‘banter’ and that he doesn’t need to take it too seriously.


Often he’s terribly argumentative as he wants people to see his point of view and to agree with him… and of coures they don’t… especially when it comes to supporting football teams.


Often my son also doesn’t get the meaning of what people are saying to him online, he does have a significant language disorder. 


The blessing is that he does come to his parents for help.


So Facebook is a real mixed blessing for him. It helps him to connect but it can also make him very stressed.


Seana S.