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Shaving – Using Visual Prompts

Shaving visual 1 autism

Shaving… Who knew it was such a big deal for young men?

I had optimistically thought that my son might just start to shave daily or almost daily like his Dad does.

But no.

He doesn’t like shaving and he doesn’t see the point. And most days him looking a bit scruffy doesn’t matter.

It does on the day he goes to work, usually a Saturday. It will more in the future.

I was getting stressed at having to remind him to shave… so we’ve gone back to visual prompts again.

They always work, maybe not 100% but they help a lot.

We’ve used visual prompts since my son was diagnosed at three. No need to think we ever won’t need to.

I use them a lot myself! Where is that shopping list?

bathroom shaving autism

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