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Post School Options Expo – what do they look like and what to ask

Going to your first Post School Options Expo really is a step into the unknown.

These events happen all over Australia. The support teachers at your school should be able to tell you about the one nearest to you.

Disability Expo Chatswood_5

At the Expo, many service providers gather to explain to potential clients what they offer and how they might be able to support you.

In NSW, these providers will be offering Transition To Word and Community Participation programs. In the other states, there are similar programs, just with different names.

Disability Expo Chatswood

At the Expo, you can chat to many service providers.

It can get a bit confusing!

Disability Expo Chatswood_4

It’s good to tell the people you meet all about yourself, about your interests and what makes you tick.

Disability Expo Chatswood_3

It’s good to find out first exactly where the offices are of the organisations you chat to. They may be too far away to be a realistic choice for you.

Disability Expo Chatswood_1

It’s best to have a good idea of what you are looking for in a service provider.

Do you want to go to a centre a few days a week or do you prefer an outreach service, or a self-managed funding model?

Remember, the Expo is just the start. Once you have found a few organisations that you like the look of, it’s a good idea to visit their premises. Some even run taster sessions and open days. It’s a good idea to take part in those.

Read more about post school options here.

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