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Our Family’s NDIS Journey: Part 2 The Supports

Read the first part of our family’s story about preparing for the NDIS and having the first planning meeting here.

Waiting For The Plan

It took a couple of weeks for the plan to come through. In fact, I called the NDIS main number after two weeks and was told there was a plan in place already.

I was given an activation code to join the participants portal on the NDIS website.

A letter arrived a couple of days later with this same information.

My Son’s Plan

This is the plan my son received:

To read more detail on what each means, the best place to look is the current NDIS price guide.

Here’s what my son’s supports mean:

CB stands for Capacity Building

Most of my son’s supports are for this. The aim is to make him more able to be independent and for him to end up as a tax payer who no longer needs support from the NDIS.

The School Leaver Employment Support

This is the equivalent of the NSW Transition To Work program which was a two year program. So this will last for this year only and will all be paid to Fighting Chance, where he had started his old Transition To Work program.

CB Relationships

This will fund the psychological support my son needs which helps him to manage his behaviour. He has quite a few challenges and I don’t think this amount is enough for the costs of the support he will need and get this year.

Social Community and Civic Participation

The price guide says: ‘Provision of supports to enable a participant to engage in community/social or recreational activities within the community.’

I have called the main NDIS to get more clarification; however, the person I talked to couldn’t help and said he would email my local office and ask them to contact me.  Two weeks later – no response!  So I emailed the Chatswood office myself on 16th March, we will see if I get some clarification.

CB Daily Activity Individual assessment

I think we need to use this to do a good assessment of Tom’s daily living skills and we can check in a year to see how they have improved.

CB Daily Activity: assistance with decision making, daily planning, budgeting

This is an area where my son needs HEAPS of help… I do a lot with him in this regard myself but I think that support from another person might work better. I need to find someone to help him!

CB Daily Activity Individual skills development and training, includes public transport training and support

My son does need help when going to new places and working out some transport issues but transport is not his biggest area of need at all so I need to confirm if it can be used for any skills development we choose.

Next post details using the NDIS portal, some issues so far, what we’ve spent money on so far and how we are keeping records. Click here to read.

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