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Employment in Animal Care For People With Autism Spectrum

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It’s exciting to see some more jobs being offered specifically for people on the spectrum. Autism and Agriculture is the initiative of the Autism CRC and SunPork Farms, a major producer of pork. Eight jobs have been offered in Queensland and South Australia.  The roles are in pig care and welfare. SunPork says: We believe […]

New Book: Shining A Light On The Autism Spectrum: Experiences And Aspirations Of Adults

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  There’s a brand new book available which will be of great interest to adults on the spectrum and their families. Shining A Light On The Autism Spectrum: Experiences And Aspirations Of Adults collects the real-life experiences of adults who have ASD, in their own words, as well as data from the study and case studies. […]

Cause Cafe – Inspiration From New York State

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Here’s a very inspiring story about the successful employment of young people with ASD in a cafe and bakery in New York State. It’s the kind of story that might inspire some of us Aussies to set up entrepreneurial businesses that use the strengths and skills of young people on the spectrum. Cause Cafe in  Fort Salonga, New […]

Mathew Townsend: Environmental and Diversity Advocate

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Mathew Townsend is a young man of 25. He’s a campaigner and an advocate, and the proud holder of two university degrees. Mathew has a Master of Environmental Management – Sustainable Development (2015-16) from the University of Queensland, St Lucia and a Bachelor of Environmental Science (2010-12) from James Cook University, Townsville. Mathew has a diagnosis of high functioning autism […]

Looking for Participants: Understanding the public transport needs of young adults on the autism spectrum

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Please join this research study! Understanding the public transport needs of young adults on the autism spectrum What is this research about? This study aims to find out about the public transport needs of young adults on the autism spectrum who live in or regularly travel in an Australian city. The findings will be used […]

My Son at Age 23 – By a Melbourne Dad

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Here’s a post by the dad of a young man from Melbourne.  Dad explains his son’s background and then how his life is going today. He ends with his thoughts on what the NDIS may bring. Thank you, Mr T.,  for contributing to Autism Launchpad.   Background My son J is 23 and was diagnosed […]

Our Story: Early Days With The NDIS

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Here is a story from Cate who is the mum of a young son with ASD. The family has been part of the Adelaide NDIS trial site. We hope readers will find this useful.   Koebi is our 12 year old who is severely autistic and has severe intellectual disabilities.   We moved to Adelaide […]

Our Story: Getting Started With The NDIS

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Here’s a story which we hope readers will find useful.  Charmaine is the mum of Jack, a teenager who lives in the NDIS trial site in Newcastle, NSW. In this Q+A, Charmaine explains how the family’s initial meetings with the NDIS went, and she gives her advice for other families coming through. Jack is 13 […]

What Can The NDIS Pay For?

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Here is an excellent post from Sam Paior of The Growing Space in Adelaide, I do recommend following the Facebook page here.    NDIS NUTS & BOLTS #2 – What Can the NDIS Pay For?   NDIS can provide funds for an eligible person with disability to buy a wide range of supports and services. […]

New NDIS Video – A Simple Guide

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If you or your family member is a visual learner then this new video from the NDIS will be really helpful. It’s a very simple basic primer, I know this works well for my young son who is 19.  Check it out and let us know what you think. We’re adding to the NDIS section […]

The Dandelion Program – Specialisterne Australia

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Specialisterne is a company, founded in Denmark, which works with companies and organisations to find and train people with autism for very specific roles. The Australian arm was set up in 2015 with the aim of enabling 12,000 careers for people on the autism spectrum by 2025. That’s a great goal! Specialisterne helps employers to […]

Autism At Work – Software Giant SAP Policy in Australia

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SAP Australia is part of a global multinational company which has been rolling out an Autism At Work program across its global workforce. SAP aims to have 1% of its workforce being on the spectrum by 2020, and sees this is putting it at an advantage within the IT sector. Read an article about this […]

My son doesn’t want to leave school

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Please welcome our blogging Mum On The Run, keeping us up to date with what’s happening as her son transitions from school into adult life. In 2003, a small boy started school in the north of Sydney. His mum (me!) was very proud of him and excited, and also a bit terrified and panic-stricken. That […]

Diary of of transition – from school to adult life

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  The end of Year 12 is looming for many Australian teenagers. One family in Sydney todays starts a transition diary here on Launchpad.   To maintain the anonymity of the teenager, we’re using pseudonyms. He may not want future employers to be able to read about the ups and downs of this crucial stage […]

Shaving – Using Visual Prompts

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Shaving… Who knew it was such a big deal for young men? I had optimistically thought that my son might just start to shave daily or almost daily like his Dad does. But no. He doesn’t like shaving and he doesn’t see the point. And most days him looking a bit scruffy doesn’t matter. It […]

Post School Options Expo – what do they look like and what to ask

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Going to your first Post School Options Expo really is a step into the unknown. These events happen all over Australia. The support teachers at your school should be able to tell you about the one nearest to you. At the Expo, many service providers gather to explain to potential clients what they offer and how […]

The Spectrum Careers – new US-based employment website

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How marvellous to see this new initiative from the USA, an autism-specific employment website. Check out this two minute video to learn all about it. The Spectrums Careers website is here. Now then, we need someone in Australia to start up the same thing here! Who’s putting their hand up?  

A Music Festival Expedition – Advice For Kids + Parents

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My daughter heard all her friends talking about how they were planning to go to a music festival called Groovin the Moo in Bunbury. This is about 10 hours away from where we live in the south of WA. My daughter came home very upset because she thought she couldn’t go.   I said, “Why not?” Then the “what […]

Video for young people with autism on improving your self esteem

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 This video from Ambitious About Autism has loads of tips on improving your self esteem. A must watch! We’ve added this uplifting video into our Personal stories about Mental health section. You can read more stories written by young people on the spectrum there.

Join a study to help understand the transition from school

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 It’s great to see that teenagers and young people are of interest to Aussie autism researchers. Only through knowing the real facts and figures can policy change be promoted and the needs of people in transition be championed. If you are or have a young person on the spectrum who’d be willing to anonymously participate, […]