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Employable Me has struck a chord but will it change employers’ attitudes to disability?

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“Employable Me has been warmly reviewed. It has resonated with audiences, largely because of the cast who are likeable characters – funny, sweet and honest. The people we meet are socially awkward, vulnerable and some of them experience crippling anxiety. Yet they are all competent in their own way and all deserving of a job. As […]

Autism CRC collaboration with National Disability Insurance Agency

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“Autism CRC provides the national capacity to develop and deliver evidence-based outcomes through its unique collaboration with the autism community, research organisations, industry and government. Consistent with this, Autism CRC has developed a working relationship with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to facilitate relevant research that will assist with consistent autism diagnosis across Australia […]

The Thriving At Work Program from Professor Tony Atwood

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If you are an employer looking for support when you employ a person with Asperger’s syndrome (ASD level 1) or a young person preparing to enter the workforce, Prof Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett have created a program to help.   Thriving At Work For Transition Support Thriving at Work©  is an employment readiness and […]

Disclosure At Work: My Experience by Brendan A.

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Disclosure can be a difficult area, especially in the workplace. You can find resources and reading about disclosure in the main section of Autism Launchpad here. Here’s an article by Brendan A about his own experiences, with his advice for others. For somebody on the autism spectrum, deciding whether or not to disclose the condition […]

Employment Success and a Reality Check: Michael John Carley

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Michael John Carley is an autism advocate from the USA, and the founder of GRASP (Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership) a support, education and self advocacy organisation. Diagnosed with ASD as an adult, at the same time as his young son, Michael has become an author and speaker and well as an expert in […]

Socialising: From Childhood to Adult Life With an Aspergers Diagnosis

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    by Brendan A. Since being diagnosed with Asperger’s as an adult, I have learnt plenty about myself and become more self-aware of my own behaviours. In particular, I have learnt and understood a lot more about myself in social situations. My extra awareness doesn’t solve all the difficulties I can face in certain situations, […]

Employing People With Autism: The Benefits As Seen By Employers

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The Autism@Work Forum, held recently in Sydney, was the first of its kind in Australia. Let’s hope it marks a step change in the employment of people with autism and wider recognition of the strengths they bring to the workplace. At the Forum, several companies presented on their employment programs for people with autism and […]

Experiences + Lessons Learned In The Media Industry

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I wasn’t diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome until I was an adult, however, upon reflection, I realise it has impacted many aspects of my life, including work, both positively and negatively. by Brendan A.  I have always enjoyed writing stories and had an interest in sports journalism, so when I was 18 I chose journalism as […]

Disability Advocacy Finder: Now Has NDIS Appeals Advocacy

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The Department of Social Services runs a very useful Disability Advocacy Finder. So if you feel that you’d benefit from having an advocate then you can start searching for one on this site. Click here to go to the Disability Advocacy Finder.  We have written articles here about appealing NDIS decisions here. and here as well. There […]

How To Appeal an NDIS Decision

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How To Appeal an NDIS Decision It’s possible to ask for many decisions made by the NDIS to be reviewed.  Review is the word used by the NDIS in all of their documents, rather than appeal. So we will use that from now on too. So, if you feel unhappy with a decision made by […]

Employable Me is Looking For Participants

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  ABC Television has commissioned an Australian version of the BBC series ‘Employable Me.” The company making the series for the ABC are now looking for people to take part in the series. People with autism are encouraged to apply.       Watch The Trailer for the BBC’s Employable Me More About The BBC Series […]

Appealing an NDIS Decision on Funding: Our Story

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If you are not happy with the NDIS plan you receive, it’s possible to appeal the plan, or parts of it. In fact you can appeal any decision made by the NDIS. The process is actually called reviewing a decision.  We will have an article to explain how to request a review next. In this […]

Our Family’s NDIS Journey: Part 3 The Portal and Some Issues

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Read previous parts: Part 1 Preparing and The Planning Meeting here Part 2 The Supports here Part 3 – Using the NDIS Portal, Record Keeping and Some Issues We are self managing our son’s NDIS supports, which means we need to keep very good records of supports he receives, invoices and repayments. The first step is […]

Our Family’s NDIS Journey: Part 2 The Supports

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Read the first part of our family’s story about preparing for the NDIS and having the first planning meeting here. Waiting For The Plan It took a couple of weeks for the plan to come through. In fact, I called the NDIS main number after two weeks and was told there was a plan in […]

Our Family’s NDIS Journey: Part 1 Preparing and Planning Meeting

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We are a family of six who live in the northern part of Sydney. The NDIS started in our area in July 2016. My son, Tom, is 19 and has been doing a Transition To Work program with the charitable social enterprise Fighting Chance since he left school at the end of 2015. Contacting the NDIS […]

Noodles for Good: Singaporean Micro Business

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Here’s a lovely short video about a social enterprise in Singapore. The Noodles for Good kiosk provides employment for people with autism alonside a family member. The businesses are supported and mentored as they progress. Do have a look, it might give you a great idea for your own micro business!

Aspect Capable Facebook Page

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  Have you liked the Aspect Capable Facebook page yet?  You can find it here. On the page, you’ll find information about Aspect Capable’s mentoring and training programs in Sydney and Victoria. Jobs are also advertised on the page. Aspect Capable is expanding and Facebook is a great place to keep up to date as […]

Autism and Travel Insurance: What You Need To Know

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  If you are wondering: ‘Does autism affect travel insurance?’ The answer is YES. People with autism need to let travel insurers know they have a pre-existing condition and often need to pay a small extra charge in order to be fully covered. This also includes children with autism. But the good news is that […]

New E-Book from Autism Association of Western Australia

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This new book from the Autism Association of Western Australia is primarily written to support children and teenagers on the move from primary to high school. It is also of relevance to young people who are planning the move out of high school.   “This digital book, about the transition to high school and beyond, […]

Shobi Miranda, Tasmanian Artist

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  Stephen Wiltshire is the world’s best known artist who has autism. Here in Australia, Tim Sharp of Laser Beak Man fame and Ping Lian are also well known. Today we’d like to introduce you to a young Tasmanian artist whose work is often exhibited in her home state. Her name is Shobi Miranda. Shobi started […]