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Managing Money


Learning how to manage money can be a gradual, and sometimes difficult, process for all young people.

Knowing how to make the best use of your money is almost as important as being able to earn it.

If your son or daughter is on a low income, it is especially important for them to learn how they can make their money work well for them.

Here in Australia, there does not seem to be any specialist training programs to help people manage money.

However this may be a part of a Transition To Work or other post-school program.

You might be interested in some specialist learning from overseas for ideas on how to support your son or daughtere in this regard.  You could take a look at:



This comprehensive  website from the federal government’s Australian Securities and Investments Commission offers simple advice and tips on money management.

MoneySmart website is here.

There is a wealth of information to be absorbed, you might like to start with:

Simple Ways To Save Money

Calculators and Apps


Financial Information Service

The federal government funds a free and confidential service which aims to educate and inform all Australians on financial matters.

You can call up or make an appointment for an interview to get help.

Financial Information Service is here.


Department of Human Services

There are several other programs to help people learn to manage their money. 

Have a look at the Department of Human Services website for a list here.


Managing Money – From The UK’s National Autistic Society

This is an 11 page guide which covers the topics below. It can be printed out.

  • Budgeting
  • Using a bank account
  • Choosing a bank account
  • Opening a bank account
  • Making payments and withdrawals
  • Banks cards
  • Using a PIN
  • Keeping track of your balance
  • Saving
  • Insurance
  • Borrowing money
  • Making payments
  • Debt
  • Money and Your rights
  • Frequently asked questions about money

Find Managing Money here.


Cents and Sensibility – A guide to money management 

This 60 page downloadable and printable PDF from Pennsylvania in the USA takes a comprehensive look at money management. Although all the references are American, it is a useful document.

Find Cents and Sensibility here


Money Counts – An Irish Online Training Program

This is an Irish online training tool to teach money management to people with an intellectual disability. The program has facilitator guidelines and advice. The currency used is Irish, however there are plenty of ideas to benefit from in this program.

Money Counts website is here.


Budgeting Basics 

Budgeting Basics is a budgeting curriculum for people with developmental disabilities. Its from the US but can easily be adapated for Australia by parents, carers or service providers.

 Budgeting Basics is here.