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A simple saving idea for Robbie

When there is a fundamental lack of understanding about something, until that understanding starts to emerge and develop, rules can be incredibly useful.  In the case of our son, Robbie, a rule needed to be set in place about money.  The rule was that any spending on leisure items – such as computer games – in-between special occasion gifts, had to be self-funded. 


We utilised the tried-and-true jam jar method.  Any pocket money or spare cash went into the jar.  The goal amount was the cost of the item that Robbie wished to buy.  Purchase details were written on a scrap of paper and placed into the jar.  Satisfaction was gained from counting the money together and working out how much more was needed before his goal was attained.  The overriding anticipation was to have enough saved before the release date, but at the same time, the onus was on Robbie to do this.


This ongoing method has replaced anguish and reliance on others with a sense of autonomy and independence, which in turn, has positively developed Robbie’s confidence and self-worth.  Another benefit is the expansion of planning and time management skills. 


We all like to look forward to something and this method has made looking forward to a purchase more pleasurable for Robbie rather than the uncertain support of others in his future acquisition plans.

Amanda Green


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