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Looking good


Some of us will always have to help our sons and daughters to choose what clothes they wear and what sort of hair styles they have.

For others, there will be a long period of encouraging independence in deciding how our children look and what they wear.

On our Looking good – Young people page you’ll find some ideas and various sites with tips on looking good and dressing well.



Growing Up On Spectrum

Growing Up On The Spectrum

This book by Lynn Kern Koegel and Claire LaZebnik has a chapter called ‘Walking out of the door looking good’ which has lots of tips for parents on how to help their children make the most of how they look, and how to encourage independence.

 Look at what the other kids are wearing. It may be wildly different from what we’d like them to wear, but your kid needs to fit in… You can recruit a stylish peer, sibling, cousin or babysitter to help shop.

Growing Up On The Spectrum

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