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Helping my daughter look good



I give my daughter tips and useful advice on grooming and choosing suitable outfits.  For example, not to wear too many prints, to limit colours worn to around 3 separate colours, no more.  Also not to mix n match prints, eg animal print would be worn with plain clothes, not another print such as pokka dots or lines or floral print.  Just basic things on what is considered casual and what is semi formal in the way of clothing styles or materials.  


I also encourage her look after her skin by purchasing products that limit pimples, reduce excess oil, strips to remove blackheads,  and I encourage her to clean her skin regularly and to brush her teeth.  Also I purchase products to help keep her hair healthy, shiny and tangle free such as, conditioner and moisturizers and Argan oil.  She likes to straighten her own hair occasionally.  


Samira has discovered the beauty of makeup and loves experimenting with it.  She is slowly learning to apply her own makeup.  I have taught her basics on how to apply makeup and remind her to keep it minimal, that less is more.  I help her clean off extra eye makeup if she ends up with “panda eyes”.  I give her my honest opinion as to whether she has applied too much makeup. 


This year she is studying a VET course  (Certificate 2 – Retail, Skincare & Makeup) which is teaching her all she needs to know about skin types, products to use, facials etc and she will soon be learning to apply makeup for occasions.  Samira is absolutely loving this course.  We chose this course more for her own benefit rather than to make a career choice out of it.  

Amal Abboud