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Helping my daughter to do chores

I always remind all of my kids that they need to learn to be independent because they may one day live on their own (with no partner to help with chores) or parents to live with and do things for them. 


I have taught all my kids chores such as dusting, hanging washing, folding washing, ironing, cleaning bathroom, dishes, vacuuming etc.  We still have to work on cooking skills though.


Samira is grudgingly becoming more independent but is not always in the mood or willing to do certain chores.  The way we do it, is that everyone has a job to do so that way it seems more fair.  That way there is no room for complaint because no one is sitting aside and watching the other. 


I tell them that we all live here, so we all need to contribute.  Also, if they do not help around the house, they may just miss out on getting pocket money and other privileges such as their iPads, iPods, mobile phones, soccer training….anything they love and enjoy basically. 


I try to make it seem like teamwork and say that “many hands make light work” and such sayings.  

Amal Abboud


Little by little, slow but steady

Teaching my son to do household tasks has been just the same as teaching him other self-help skills when he was really young.


It’s all about starting slowly and building up the skills little by little, being persistent and consistent.


This is slow and painstaking and could drive the strongest of us nuts but… the payback is that once he has got a skill it’s there for life. He can now hang clothes out and bring them in, unpack the dishwasher, tidy the kitchen and pack the dishwasher.


This is great for me as I need all the help I can get with the mountains of housework and washing that comes with a family of six.


Next steps include folding washing, ironing and getting better at cooking. I know I need to simplify some recipes and then type them out in simple steps in big font… that’s what he needs and I’ll be the one doing it for him.  


But once he knows a recipe and if confident, he’ll be able to cook that meal for the rest of his life. So it’s worth it.

Seana S.