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Employable Me has struck a chord but will it change employers’ attitudes to disability?

“Employable Me has been warmly reviewed. It has resonated with audiences, largely because of the cast who are likeable characters – funny, sweet and honest. The people we meet are socially awkward, vulnerable and some of them experience crippling anxiety. Yet they are all competent in their own way and all deserving of a job. As a viewer, it is not difficult to cheer on these endearing protagonists.

But the question remains as to whether the series will change the attitudes of potential employers who may fear taking on the responsibility of an employee with a disability.

The sobering reality is that there are many hurdles for people with disabilities to overcome if they are to get a foot in the door, including lack of self-confidence and inexperience. For people on the autism spectrum who may have social difficulties, a job interview can be especially daunting. And then there are external barriers, including the stigma of disability.”

Visit The Conversation’s website to read the rest of the article. 

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