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Employable Me is Looking For Participants


ABC Television has commissioned an Australian version of the BBC series ‘Employable Me.”

The company making the series for the ABC are now looking for people to take part in the series.

People with autism are encouraged to apply.




Watch The Trailer for the BBC’s Employable Me

More About The BBC Series

In the UK series, experts such Professor Simon Baron Cohen, Director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University and occupational psychologist, Nancy Doyle, work with job seekers to explore their skills and strengths and to find a job that suits them.


Two of the job seekers profiled are:

Up until six years ago, 52 year-old Paul (pictured) was a normal dad working in a nine to five. Then, one day, everything changed. Paul developed a severe case of Tourette’s Syndrome with constant involuntary tics, including violent body jerks and offensive verbal outbursts. Despite the extreme nature of his condition, Paul is desperate to succeed at work once again and, with the help of leading scientists, Paul uncovers talents that could allow him to provide for his family. But to have the chance of success, he has to put himself in very uncomfortable – and sometimes dangerous – positions.

Thirty-four year-old Brett has autism and has been rejected from every job he has applied for over the past eight years. On first impression, Brett’s lack of work experience might not seem surprising given that he struggles to talk and has no qualifications to his name, but this series aims to look beyond first impressions to uncover the hidden talents of those on the extreme end of the neurological spectrum. After a visit to Professor Simon Baron Cohen, Brett begins to reveal his hidden talents. And when Brett finally gets the chance to showcase his autistic gifts to a potential employer, he shows there is more to him than meets the eye.

Read more about the BBC’s Employable Me here, you can buy the programs to download.

Express Your Interest

To talk to the production team at Northern Pictures, call 02 9098 8370 or email


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