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Ability2Drive Specialised Learn-To-Drive Programs


If you are looking for driving lessons for a young adult with autism, then here’s a company in Victoria which can help.

Hopefully we will see more specialised companies like this pop up all over Australia.

NB  Read our full chapter on Driving with Autism here. There’s a lot of information there for young people and for families too.


Ability2Drive Specialised Learn-To-Drive Programs For People With Disability

Ability2Drive if a specialised driving school offering a variety of driver education, driver support and, of course, driving lessons, for people with a disability.

Ability2Drive is an NDIS service provider and offers NDIS funded services in all NDIS areas in Victoria.  Fee-for-service programs are available in the rest of the state.

 driving lessons for autistic adults


Margie O’Loughlin, Manager of Ability2Drive explains how the driving school works:

“We do OT assessments and then a learners’ programs teaching the road rules and we assist people to get their Learners license. This can be very difficult for many young people. 

Once the Learners license is attained, we offer specialised driver training which is done both in groups and 1:1.”


Here is a short video explaining Ability2Drive’s services.

Margie adds:

“Ability2Drive started four years ago with the aim of helping young people overcome their barriers and obstacles and to gain their independence.

We teach a lot of young people with ASD how to drive. We are planning to expand beyond Victoria.”


 Ability2Drive contact details:
107 Elm Park Drive Drive,
Hoppers Crossing Vic 3019
Phone:  (03)9749 0000
Office hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm
driving lessons for people with autism ability2drive
Just getting the learners license can be a huge step and many young people with autism will benefit from specialised teaching.
Let’s hope that Ability2Drive will expand across Australia, and will inspire others to offer this kind of individualised driving program.

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7 responses to “Ability2Drive Specialised Learn-To-Drive Programs”

  1. Spenser Bainbridge says:

    Hi there,

    i’m an NDIS support coordinator and have a client whom is interested in getting some driving lessons. She already has a licence but hasn’t driven in many years and would like some refresher type driving lessons to build her confidence up so she can resume driving. Is this something you guys are able to offer?

    I look forward to your response.

    Warm regards,

    Spenser Bainbridge

    • admins says:

      Hi Spenser,
      Aspect does not currently offer driving lessons. Please contact the organisations that can be found on our Driving tab.

      Kind regards

  2. Maree Crawford says:

    Hi I have a daughter with mild to moderate intellectual disability. She wants to learn how to drive. I feel this can be achieved with practice. Can you offer me advice we live in Bathurst NSW. Thank-you. Maree

    • admins says:

      Hi Maree,
      This is a very individual thing, in Sydney there are specialist assessment centres as outlined on the webpage. However in Bathurst, you may have to seek advice from your GP, psychologist working with your daughter, and/or a local driving instructor, preferably with some experience with teaching people with disability to drive.

  3. Kelly says:

    My son is 18 with autism and wants to drive

  4. Anastasia vardakis says:

    Would like to enrol my 17 year old…autistic son…please….when is the next best time to enrol him, ndis participant…thank you

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