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Cause Cafe – Inspiration From New York State


Here’s a very inspiring story about the successful employment of young people with ASD in a cafe and bakery in New York State.

It’s the kind of story that might inspire some of us Aussies to set up entrepreneurial businesses that use the strengths and skills of young people on the spectrum.



Cause Cafe and Bakery was founded by Stacey Wohl, a mother of two young adults with autism, Brittany and Logan.  She now has 15 employees, many of whom have ASD. 

Stacey hopes that her model will be franchised around the US so that more young adults can secure stable, enjoyable employment.

The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch, and uses local and organic produce whenever possible. The cozy cafe has a French country theme and has become a popular spot with locals.


Cause Cafe’s Goal

“By contributing to Cause Café, you will be giving young adults with disabilities an opportunity for gainful employment and to make a positive contribution to society.” 



You can read a longer article on the Today website here.

Cause Cafe website here.

I know where I will be heading for a good cup of coffee and slice of cake when next in the USA!

Cause cafe 2

Cause Cafe employees learn new skills as they work, supported by experts in both autism and cooking and baking.


Here’s to more enterprises like this starting here in Australia!



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