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My son doesn’t want to leave school

Please welcome our blogging Mum On The Run, keeping us up to date with what’s happening as her son transitions from school into adult life.

Transition Teen first day at school

In 2003, a small boy started school in the north of Sydney. His mum (me!) was very proud of him and excited, and also a bit terrified and panic-stricken.

That moment feels as if it happened about 20 minutes ago. However, it must be much longer than that since the same boy, now young man, has his last day at school tomorrow.

And he’s not at all happy about that.


I don’t want to leave school. It won’t be the same.


He’s so right… nothing will be the same.

I’d love to say that we are all set up and know exactly what the future will hold, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We won’t know whether he has been given Transition To Work funding until mid-October or even November. We haven’t found a TAFE course so far that would match both his interests and abilities.

We have started looking though, and will visit more TAFES and also some private colleges in October.

Our Transition Teen loves music and plays guitar, drums and bagpipes. He’ll keep himself very busy with these instruments and with his other great obsession passion, English Premier League.

But he won’t be mixing with the same peers five days a week, so how will he keep social? All advice welcome!

A lot of work experience would be a good plan: he will go to Aspect soon to chat to Vicki Little who runs the Aspect Capable Employment Service, we’ll pay for that and hope that TTW will take over.

Meantime, we hear that the NDIS will roll out in our area in July next year.  Better go off and read the new NSW NDIS website!

The changes in routine and the looming end of an era have seen Transition Teen get terribly wound up and explosive over the past couple of weeks.  It’ll be good when it’s all over and whatever new normal we are to have appears.

Meantime, I keep telling him that long, deep breaths are essential. Should take more of my own advice!





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