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Should my teenager with autism learn to drive?

This is a really difficult question for the families of many teenagers on the spectrum.

We have to keep out own kids as safe as possible, as well as thinking about other road users.

Click on our permanent page about learning to drive on Launchpad.

You’ll see there’s a big section for young adults, plus another page for parents – click on the green tabs at the top of the text.

Then you can read personal stories from young people and parents about driving choices and experiences here. 

Again, there are separate pages for young people and for parents.

My own son has got a date to sit his test. He’s 18 and has been learning for eighteen months already. He’s done his 120 hours.

I’ll be relying on his very experienced driving instructor to help him and to confirm that he’s ready to try the driving test. His instructor has taught other teenagers and adults with autism spectrum how to drive. It’s been great to have him holding our hands!

Seana x

Do you drive?

How was learning?

What did the parents think and how did they help?

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